AQ is Critical to Your Success

AQ is Critical to Your Success

AQ is Critical to Your Success

How smart are you? Have you ever taken an IQ test? How well did you score?


Would it surprise you to know that your IQ is NOT correlated to success in business or sales? It’s not your IQ that really matters. It’s your AQ… your Acquired Knowledge. AQ is IQ in action. AQ is IQ honed and developed through ongoing learning, reading and listening.


AQ is developed through reading books, listening to books & podcasts, attending courses and engaging in challenging discussions with subject matter experts.


What is it that causes one person to invest in AQ while someone else who has the same level of IQ stagnates? It turns out that the key is a concept neuroscientists call: Locus of Control.


People who have a strong “Locus of Control” believe that they have control over their own life and destiny… for the most part. People who have a weak “Locus of Control” believe that external factors determine their future. If you believe that external factors determine your future why bother with investing in yourself?


How about you? What do you believe?


As I think about the importance of AQ I think of a few key areas where Acquired Knowledge is critical for those in sales or who own a business.


1. Knowledge of your Clients and Prospective Clients and their Challenges: How well do you know the business of your Ideal Clients? I recommend that you obtain your PMBA regarding your clients’ businesses. What does PMBA stand for? Personal Masters Degree in Business Acumen. I.e., read everything you can get your hands on that pertains to your Clients’ world. Read their trade magazines. Log into their LinkedIn Groups and participate in the conversation. Read books related to their industry.


2. Knowledge of Sales Strategies and Techniques: How well do you understand what works in sales and what doesn’t? Every once in a while someone will ask me, “Isn’t sales pretty simple and straightforward? Don’t all of the books and trainers say about the same thing?” To which I want to shout at the top of my lungs, “NO!” What a lazy thought process for someone who is impacted by their ability to sell. If you are in sales or own a business (which means you are definitely in sales) please do not take the lazy road. Learn everything you can about sales. By the way, this is why I teach a weekly live, online workshop on sales. There is a lot to learn.


3. Knowledge of Your Product or Service: Are you truly a Subject Matter Expert in your field? If not, why not? What can you learn this week and this month that will take your level of expertise up a notch? If you are not THEE Expert in your Field, why would someone choose to work with you when they could find someone else who is an expert in your field? They wouldn’t!


Here’s my challenge to you: Think about these three areas of Acquired Knowledge for your business. Set a Goal for each area that you can accomplish in the next month and determine that you are going to accomplish it. If you don’t yet believe that you have control over your life and your business, do it anyway. Perhaps if you start taking action your thoughts will follow.


If you’d like to learn more about the power of AQ in these three key areas, I’d like to invite you to join me for our March course:


Sales Intelligence: It’s Not What You THINK


In these four sessions, we will discuss IQ, AQ, EQ, PQ & TQ and how each contributes to success in sales. What factors compel buyers to buy? What role does emotion play in decision making/buying? What role does logic play? How do you truly establish rapport with a prospective client within the first few seconds of meeting each other?


These live, online workshops are FREE and you can learn more and/or register for Session One by clicking here:


Session One is this Thursday, March 8th at 3:00 pm Eastern. I hope you will join me.




Jack Frisby
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Jack Frisby
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