Could One Meeting Transform Your Business?

Optimize Selling SolutionsBusiness Growth Exchange Could One Meeting Transform Your Business?
Could One Meeting Transform Your Business?

Could One Meeting Transform Your Business?

Can I tell you a quick story about a meeting that transformed my business?


Not long ago, one of my Strategic Partners, Jay, sent me an email and said that he wanted to get together to talk. Within a few days, we were sitting at a table together. At this meeting, he said that he had a marketing client that he had been meeting with recently and he told the client that his business growth problem wasn’t so much a marketing problem as it was a sales problem. He had identified that his client had no sales process. He shared with me that he had told this client that he really needed to talk to me. He said that the client was interested in talking to me and that the client was going to talk to another consultant as well.


Within a week I was meeting with this prospective client asking questions about what he was trying to accomplish and sharing with him how I thought I might be able to help. At the end of the meeting, he asked me to submit a proposal. I did and we went back and forth a couple of times and he signed the agreement.


This agreement was for $2,500 per week for 20 hours of work. It was guaranteed for six months and he ended up extending it for another six months. All in all this project provided income to me of $120,000 in one year.


So, here’s an interesting question. Which meeting was it that transformed my business?


It was the meeting with Jay, the Strategic Partner, because if that meeting had not happened there never would have been a meeting with the prospect. This opportunity would have never existed if Jay hadn’t astutely challenged the client to focus on sales development instead of marketing. I would never have known about this opportunity if it weren’t for Jay inviting me in. Jay is the hero of the story.


If you want to dramatically increase sales for your company, meetings with people like Jay are the key. Strategic Partners are absolutely the most critical component in the growth of my business and they may just be the key to your growth as well.


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