Givers Gain

When you meet with someone who has the potential to introduce you to your Ideal Prospects what is your goal for the meeting? Have you even thought about what your goal is or what it ought to be?


I have a suggestion for you. The next time you meet with someone who has the potential to introduce you to your Ideal Prospects (Let’s call this person a Strategic Partner.), come to the meeting prepared to introduce your Strategic Partner to 6-8 of his/her Ideal Prospects FIRST. Start the meeting off by saying, “I took some time to look through my LinkedIn connections to see if I could find some people that I thought might be Ideal Prospects for you. I came up with a list of fifteen to twenty people and I thought we might go over this list with the goal of introducing you to at least 6 to 8 of them. How does that sound?

Your Strategic Partner will be flabbergasted. Why?  Because no one ever, in the history of mankind has ever done this for this person (Forgive me if this is slightly exaggerated, but I doubt that it is). In fact, let me just ask you: Has anyone ever come to a meeting with you and brought a prepared list of fifteen to twenty people they would potentially like to introduce you to?… I didn’t think so.

So, if you are the one person who does this for your Strategic Partner and you do it every quarter, how do you think this will impact your relationship with this Strategic Partner? Do you think you will be able to count on your Strategic Partner to Introduce you to 6-8 Ideal Prospects if you take the lead in this? Uh, yah!

So, your second goal for this meeting is to provide fifteen to twenty Ideal Prospects to your Strategic Partner that you would like to get introduced to. Notice, however, that it’s your second goal, not your first. 

Serve First! Givers Gain!

If you do this with enough Strategic Partners on a regular basis you will have more meetings with Ideal Prospects than you have time for. Sound too good to be true?

Let me show you how I do this and how dozens of my clients do it also. Join me tomorrow, Friday, June 15th at 3:00 pm as we discuss how to get introduced to your Ideal Prospects predictably through your Dream Team of Strategic Partners.

This is a live, online workshopBy the end of this one hour workshop you will know how to ask for introductions and receive 6-8 of them every time you ask! 

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I hope you will join us.

Jack Frisby
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