Is Cold Calling DEAD? Part 3

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Is Cold Calling DEAD? Part 3

The Research Briefing is the Answer

The Research Briefing is a very effective method of getting first appointments with target prospects.  Let me explain how it works.

1. It starts by Identifying who your Target is by Title.

2. Identify what keeps your Target up at night that is somewhat related to your product or service.  What worries your prospect?

For example, Fairchild Communications sells a Real Time Location System to hospitals.  This is a software and hardware system that consists of a ceiling-mounted monitor that is installed in each hospital room and tracks the behavior of the hospital staff.  Fairchild salespeople were struggling to get appointments with hospital administrators until they figured out that a key issue keeping these administrators up at night is the issue of hospital acquired infections.

3. This discovery led Fairchild to Find Research that Effectively Addresses the Target’s Core Issues.  Fairchild hired a consultant to pull together research on this topic so that they could present this research to hospital administrators and show them how major hospitals were using Real Time Location Systems to monitor their staff’s hand-washing practices which had a direct link to preventing infections.

4. Invite your Target to a Research Briefing.  Once the Fairchild consultant compiled the research and created a 15 minute research briefing, the salespeople began to invite Directors of Infectious Disease Control to these telephone briefings.  They began to set appointments with 20-25 of these administrators for every 100 dials they made.  Why?… because these salespeople had replaced their product-benefit language with a language of persuasion.  The topic of the briefing they had created was “top of mind” to the target.

5. Call Structure and Objection Management are Essential

While the Introductory Messaging is critical, it is not the only factor.  Effective cold callers also use scripting and compelling responses to objections to persuade prospects to take 15 minutes out of their busy schedule to meet over the telephone.  Objection Management is recognizing the top ten or twelve objections that a prospect will voice and crafting a compelling response to every one of those objections.

6. Deliver on Your Promise.  It is important to note that the Research Briefing model is not about “tricking” the prospect into meeting and then pulling a bait and switch and actually delivering an infomercial.  The seller must deliver what he promised by providing excellent information that is helpful.

7. Qualify by Asking Good Questions.  The Research Briefing is a very effective means of qualifying prospects by presenting excellent information AND asking great questions.  This allows the salesperson to uncover information about the prospect that either qualifies him as a viable prospect or not.  The briefing is not just about giving good information.  It is about engaging in a productive conversation that is beneficial to both parties.

So, Stop Selling…Start SERVING.  Give something of value up front in order to simply get a conversation going.   You will reach your objective much more quickly by slowing down a bit.

Jack Frisby
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