Keywords Are The Key To Your LinkedIn Profile

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keywords are the key to your LinkedIn profile

Keywords Are The Key To Your LinkedIn Profile

When a prospect searches on Google for your service what are the keywords and phrases he/she might use? Take a few minutes and see if you can come up with ten keywords or phrases this prospect would employ. I’ll wait…


These Ten Keywords & Phrases that you hopefully jotted down are the key to your LinkedIn Profile. When you organize your LinkedIn profile around these key phrases… when they pop up everywhere on your profile, you will be communicating clearly that you are an EXPERT in your profession.


There’s an interesting marketing idea referred to as the “Expert Fallacy”. It is the idea that if you clearly communicate your expertise in a certain area and if you communicate that expertise with confidence and professionalism, you will be perceived as the expert. Now, the reality may be something quite different. You may not actually be an expert in that space but if you say it loud enough and long enough, people will believe it. I’m not at all suggesting that you deceive people… quite the opposite. I am simply saying that if you are an expert in your space, then you must communicate that expertise with confidence and professionalism.


When you use lots of Keyword Search Terms in your LinkedIn Profile, that are relevant to the issues that are keeping your Ideal Prospects up at night, you communicate clearly that you are an expert in your field.


In fact, let me just say that one of my favorite words for you to use in your profile is the word: EXPERT. Are you an expert in your field? If you are, then communicate that confidently. Now, certainly, you do not want to appear arrogant. But don’t make the grave mistake of thinking that by identifying yourself as an expert you will automatically appear to be a braggart.


Here’s a simple example:


I have worked very hard to become an expert at using LinkedIn to get appointments with prospects. I have read most of the books on using LinkedIn in selling; I have purchased courses and I have given it more thought than 99.9% of the population.


The result is that I have developed the Get LinkedIn System which is crushing the ball out of the park on getting appointments leveraging the power of LinkedIn. I didn’t just roll out of bed one morning and come up with the Get LinkedIn System. It came as the result of a lot of hard work and it continues to get better and better as we continue to refine the system. It will be better in six months than it is today and it’s really good today.


Now, did I sound like a braggart? Or did I simply communicate with confidence that I am an expert in leveraging the power of LinkedIn to set appointments with prospects?


So, what about you? You must choose powerful words to populate your LinkedIn Profile. You must communicate with confidence that you are an EXPERT in your chosen field. Only then will people believe you enough to be compelled to connect with you and give you a shot at earning their business.


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I hope you will join us.


Jack Frisby
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