Never Ask for a Referral or Recommendation Again

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Never Ask for a Referral or Recommendation Again

Why in the world would I say, “Never ask for a Referral or Recommendation again”?

Because what you really need is not a referral or recommendation. What you really need is an INTRODUCTION

Let me explain.

When you ask a client or business acquaintance for a Referral or Recommendation you probably think that you are asking for a lot and that’s because you are. Since you perceive that you are asking for a lot I am guessing that you tend to hold back from asking for Referrals/Recommendations very often. You reserve these requests for your very best clients and even then, it just feels awkward.

The reason why this request is difficult is because everyone involved understands that when a Referral or Recommendation is made there is a High Degree of Social Capital at Risk. Think about it. If a client makes a Referral for you and it doesn’t turn out well, that client has lost some amount of social equity with the person to whom he made the Referral. This is why most people aren’t overly anxious to provide a Referral even if they are completely satisfied with your service. They just can’t predict how things will turn out so they are reluctant to refer.

On the other hand, all you really need from your client or business acquaintance is an INTRODUCTION. You don’t need a Referral or a Recommendation. All you need is a simple introduction so that the two of you can meet to figure out if it makes sense to pursue a business relationship. Doesn’t that feel like it carries less pressure than a Referral? Of course it does and that’s because it does carry less pressure. 

Think of it this way. Let’s say that you are at a networking event and you meet someone for the first time. As you are getting acquainted with your new friend, you notice someone else standing off to the side with no one to talk to. You politely turn to this person and ask, “Would you like to join us?” They gladly accept and you stick out your hand and say, “Hi, I’m Jack Frisby.” They respond by telling you their name and then the magic happens! You turn to your new acquaintance and introduce him/her to the person who has just joined your conversation. Voila! An introduction has been made! And no one risked any Social Capital.

Now, granted it’s not exactly the same when a client introduces you to a prospective client but it’s not too far off. It’s just so much easier to make an Introduction than a Referral. Because it’s so much easier you will find that it’s easier to ask for an Introduction and you will also find that your clients will more readily agree to make an Introduction.

So, it’s a subtle, seemingly slight shift but it’s a significant shift that has the potential to transform the growth of your business. That’s a pretty bold statement and I can back it up by telling you that I have created a system that I call the Get LinkedIn System that is based on the Power of an Introduction. I have been using this system for the past three years and I can tell you without hesitation that it gets me as many introductions to Ideal Prospects as I have time for. That’s right, I find myself backing off from the system from time to time because I get TOO MANY introductions and appointments with Ideal Prospects. Too good to be true?

Let me show you how I do this and how dozens of my clients do it also. Join me this Friday, June 15th at 3:00 pm as we discuss how to get introduced to your Ideal Prospects predictably through your Dream Team of Strategic Partners.

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I hope you will join us.

Jack Frisby
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