Optimize Your LinkedIn Experience Section

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Experience Section

Optimize Your LinkedIn Experience Section

A few years ago I attended a LinkedIn workshop that was taught by Wayne Breitbarth. I didn’t know it when I signed up but as it turns out, Wayne is one of the top LinkedIn trainers in the country.


At Wayne’s workshop I bought his book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, and devoured it. Great stuff. In that book, Wayne suggested the idea of doing a search on LinkedIn using one of my key search terms. So, I did an Advanced Keyword search by the term “Sales Training”. I went through page after page without my profile showing up. At one point, I thought that Wayne’s experiment was invalid because I was searching within my own profile. I reasoned that my profile was not appearing on the search because I was actually searching within my own profile. However, I scanned through a few more pages and finally, I saw my profile… many pages from the top. This was especially bad because I was preparing to conduct a workshop on Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile.


Then, I took the next step in Wayne’s suggestion. I opened up my LinkedIn Profile in Edit mode. I went to the Experience section of my profile and I added the words: “Sales Training” right after my title. I went back to Advanced Search and searched by the very same words: Sales Training. This time, my profile came up number one. That’s number one in the world.


Now, you need to understand that LinkedIn’s search engine searches by relevance so anyone that I am connected to who has that search term in their profile is going to show up in my search. That is part of the reason why I showed up Number 1. Nevertheless, this experience taught me that one of the most significant actions I can take to optimize my profile is to make sure that my key search terms are listed in my experience section.


I strongly encourage you to look at your key search terms and then go to your Experience section and add as many of these search terms as you can legitimately add to your work experience section.


You are the EXPERT in your field. By adding these Keywords and Keyword Phrases to your Experience Section, you will communicate to your profile viewers that you have developed this expertise throughout your career. You will weave a story that connects the dots throughout your career to show how you have arrived where you are today. This communicates to your viewers that you are someone with whom they will want to pursue a relationship.


Join me FRIDAY, July 6th at 3:00 pm as we discuss how to utilize your Keywords and Keyword Phrases throughout your Experience Section. By the end of this Live, Online Workshop you will know exactly how to Optimize your LinkedIn profile specifically for your Ideal Prospects.


You can participate in this workshop for just $1. The only thing you need to do is join our online Business Growth Portal, called Linkyn. It’s just $1 for the first 30 days while you evaluate the live workshops and the online content. After that, it’s just $1 a day ($30/month).


By the way, if your schedule does not permit you to join the live, online workshop this Friday, join Linkyn anyway because you will receive the recording of the session and you can watch or listen to it at your leisure.


Mark this time on your calendar now: 3:00 pm Eastern Time, FRIDAY, July 6th!
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I hope you will join us.


Jack Frisby
PH: 317-627-7647




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