Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary

Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary

Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary

Did you know that research shows that your impression of someone is generally based on the average of the information you know about them. So, telling one great thing about yourself will give a stronger impression than lots of average things.


What does this research have to do with your LinkedIn Summary? Well, only that it should absolutely dictate how you write your Summary! In other words, don’t drone on and on about how wonderful you are. Pick one or two significant accomplishments (without sounding too full of yourself) and then stop.


The other key to an effective LinkedIn Summary is to provide some compelling reasons why the viewer should read on. So, here are some guidelines for how to provide compelling reasons:


Why Now? Why are you relevant now? Why should the viewer check out your product or service now? Nobody wants to buy something that is same old same old. People want something that is new and innovative. A great way to frame this is through the Three Market Forces Pattern (Provided courtesy of Oran Kalff, Pitch Anything):

1. Economic Forces: What has changed financially?
2. Social Forces: What has changed in the way people behave?
3. Technology Forces: What innovations have occurred?


Example: Our Get LinkedIn Service is a virtual assistance service that caters to the busyness that business owners experience today. It is also a clear path for business owners to utilize the technology of LinkedIn more effectively to grow their business. These are examples of social and technological changes.


Movement is the best way to frame these changes. We tend to notice movement more than we do something that is static. Example: a rabbit sitting in tall grass vs. a rabbit moving through tall grass. What were things like before and what are they like now? You could frame this as: “before and after”.


Ex: Before LinkedIn, it was impossible to view another person’s sphere of influence. But now, with LinkedIn, for the first time in human history, you and I can actually look at another person’s sphere of influence.


Your LinkedIn Summary is the second most important section (after to your headline) in your LinkedIn Profile. Optimize Your Summary…Optimize Your Profile.


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