Are you a small business owner who doesn’t really want to manage your sales team all by yourself?

Optimize Selling Solutions can help by:

  1. Providing Ongoing Sales Training for all your Salespeople
  2. Leading Sales Meetings (in Cooperation with you)
  3. Developing and Communicating Sales Activity Expectations
  4. Holding Salespeople accountable for Sales Activity Expectations
  5. Coaching Salespeople on face to face and telephone calls
  6. Developing Strategies for obtaining First Appointments
  7. Consulting with you regarding Sales Personnel decisions
  8. Consulting with you on overall sales and business strategies
  9. Providing your CRM Management and Training


Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Increased accountability for your entire salesforce
  2. Increased Sales Knowledge and Skill Development
  3. Increased Sales of 20+ percent per sales rep in the first year


Call us at: 317-627-7647 or email us at: to discuss what a possible engagement might look like.

Jack Frisby
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