“Purpose” Drives Your Business

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Purpose Drives Your Business

“Purpose” Drives Your Business

In some of my previous articles, I have said that strong character is the foundation for success in business. So, while strong Character is the foundation, Purpose is the engine that drives success. Without Purpose, there is no spark, no propulsion. Behavior lacks zeal when Purpose is absent. There is nowhere that Purpose is more critical than in prospecting for new business. If you lack a compelling Purpose for building your business, you will likely not prospect for new business because prospecting is probably not your favorite activity. On the other hand, if you do have a compelling Purpose, that Purpose will drive you through the discomfort of prospecting.


One tangible way to create Purpose for prospecting is to set goals that compel you to take action and then review those goals daily. If your goals are compelling enough they will provide you with the Purpose you need to stick with prospecting when it gets tough, which it certainly will.


I have found that the best way to formulate a tangible, compelling goal is to visualize how the accomplishment of that goal will benefit me, my family and my business. The greater the benefit attached to the accomplishment of that goal, the larger the purpose becomes. Once you have visualized the benefit of accomplishing the goal, be sure that the goal is measurable and has a time frame attached to it. Like in the game of football, you must have a defined goal. You must know when you have “broken the plane” at the goal line.


The best way to formulate a solid goal is by linking a verb, a noun and a date.


Here are some examples related to building your business.

  • Meet with one Strategic Partner every week and ask him/her for six introductions
  • Send an email to six people by the end of each week inviting them to meet with you.
  • Increase sales from $350K to $500K by 12/31/17.




It is always best to focus on just a couple of goals at a time because we are wired to do one thing at a time with excellence. In fact, research shows that your chances of achieving two or three goals with excellence are high, but the more goals you try to juggle at once, the less likely you will be to reach them.


The likelihood of achieving your goals also increase dramatically if you write them down and then think through your strategy for achieving them. Your strategy must be broken down into Action Items (Lead Measures) that can be performed daily and weekly.


I would like to encourage you to spend a few minutes now thinking about your Purpose. Have you set a couple of compelling goals that drive you to do the hard work of building your business? Or are you hoping that your business will grow. Just remember, Hope is a wonderful thing but it is NOT a strategy for growing your business! Setting compelling goals and doing them, is.



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Jack Frisby
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