This Made Me Smile

This Made Me Smile

This Made Me Smile

Last night I did something that made me smile. I read through my LinkedIn Recommendations in preparation for the online workshop I will be teaching this afternoon. You may think, wow, Jack, that’s kinda messed up. You have to read through your LinkedIn Recommendations to get a smile.


Hey, you take what you can get, right?


There were actually two reasons I smiled.


1) I was reminded of how blessed I have been in my career to work with some very wonderful people.


2) I was also encouraged by the positive words regarding the work I have done with people over the years. They say some very nice things about my sales teaching and coaching and the impact I have had on their businesses and on their lives. I loved reading again the comment that Ahmad Moore made, “After several coaching sessions with Jack I had an increase in confidence and assertiveness, began being proactive and communicating without second-guessing.”


Those words definitely made me smile.


Why am I sharing these personal thoughts with you? Because I want you to catch the importance of including heartfelt Recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile. I trust that you do good work for people, maybe even great work. Unfortunately, the world won’t know unless your people tell them.


So how do you get your people to give these glowing Recommendations? You ask them to. Almost all of the Recommendations on my LinkedIn profile are there because I reached out to these people and asked them if they would mind writing a Recommendation for me. “You have not because you ask not.”


The average LinkedIn Profile has just two Recommendations. I currently have fifteen. How about you? Are you average? Below average or above average? Don’t be average. Ask for Recommendations from those who know you well and then sit back and smile as you read what they have written.


Even if you get no other value from these Recommendations, that smile is worth a million bucks.


By the way, I’d like to invite you to read my Recommendations. They are at the bottom of my LinkedIn Profile:


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I hope you will join us.


Jack Frisby
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